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Dr Jon Wells Infinite Regeneration

Dr. Jon P Wells is a Regenerative medicine expert. He has been steeped in over 30-years of clinical practice and application of wellness principles and has spent his career focusing on non-surgical joint and spine rehabilitation, regenerative medicine, functional medicine, physical medicine, and longevity medicine. Dr. Wells helps to restore the joints and back to their youthful nature, delivering non-invasive therapies resulting in better clinical outcomes than surgery. 


Blending a positive, warm approach with accomplished world-class healing techniques, Dr. Wells provides an easily digestible clinical understanding of his assessments while expertly customizing the tools needed to secure a positive outcome. Dr. Wells artfully blends anatomic history and clinical passion with cutting edge clinical technologies to secure the best restorative and regenerative personalized clinical experiences in the world. 

Dr. Wells’ expertise in healing and his entrepreneurial drive led him to establish his own private clinical practice for over ten years. Throughout his career, Dr. Wells has successfully treated industry-leaders ranging from California government officials, C-Level Corporate Executives, and Physicians to Major League Baseball athletes and more. His 100% restorative approach has made Dr. Wells a world-renown and sought-after industry leader.

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